Micheline Klagsbrun

Ghost Manzanita vessel
45 x 32 x 32 (inches)
mixed media on paper
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Ghost Manzanita vesselGhost Manzanita vessel (interior)Blue Branch Hand vesselLeaf Holder vesselBlue Branch Veined vesselBlue Branch Veined vessel (interior)Sargasso vesselSargasso vessel (interior)Humming Bird vesselAutumn Coral VesselAutumn Coral Vessel (interior)Blue Parrot Tulip 1Blue Parrot Tulip 2ArkCymbidium (Dreamboat Orchid)“The rack of dreams my lily bones  Did twist into a living cipher…”Lotus/Lotis: Open"The Elm and the Grapevine Celebrate their Thousandth Wedding Anniversary"Lotus/Lotis: Leaf"A weather in the quarter of the veins"Lotus/Lotis: LightAncestor ElmLotus/Lotis: BloomDaphne\'s SpringDaphne TransformingLotus/Lotis:RecliningDaphne Gets the Last WordLotus/Lotis: EnfoldMARIA LIONZAPYTHON CREATIONBOTO/SWAN: Shapeshifter/encantadoMAHEWA the Blue MorphoBlue Morpho NymphFallenAlycone\'s Long Dark Night (detail)Caenis: Wastelandcentaur with uprooted tree"all nearness pauses, while a star can grow....""blue took it my, far beyond far..."Touch: RoseTouch: White Peach