Micheline Klagsbrun

Cymbidium (Dreamboat Orchid)
23 x 19 (inches)
colored pencil/mixed media
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Cymbidium (Dreamboat Orchid)Aspasia (Glad Orchid)Lotus/Lotis: Open"The Elm and the Grapevine Celebrate their Thousandth Wedding Anniversary"“The rack of dreams my lily bones  Did twist into a living cipher…”Lotus/Lotis: Leaf"A weather in the quarter of the veins"Lotus/Lotis: LightAncestor ElmLotus/Lotis: BloomDaphne\'s SpringLotus/Lotis: StretchDaphne TransformingLotus/Lotis:RecliningDaphne Gets the Last WordLotus/Lotis: EnfoldMARIA LIONZAPYTHON CREATIONBOTO/SWAN: Shapeshifter/encantadoMAHEWA the Blue MorphoBlue Morpho NymphFallenAlycone\'s Long Dark Night (detail)Caenis: Wastelandcentaur with uprooted tree"all nearness pauses, while a star can grow....""blue took it my, far beyond far..."Touch: RoseTouch: White Peach