madeleine finley


artist Statement

I attack a painting with no prior planning. All of the decision making takes place on the canvas. Recently, the paintings begin sketch like with layers of reminders of unresolved compositions. I keep them showing in case I'm stuck and need something to pull from. One thing very recognizable in my work is their fluctuation between representation and abstraction. The paintings speak from a strong voice, they are unapologetic for their decisions. Each painting has it’s own specific ratio of marks and color. The text is intimate, but I often disguise it. I don’t want it to be the focal point, it’s only present to collaborate with the rest of the painting.

I take quotes from literature, phrases from collected readings, and imagery from traditional paintings such as Giotto or Goya, anything I can find an interesting element in, and re­appropriate them onto a canvas. Sometimes the pieces appear very clean with exposed raw canvas, and sometimes they are densely packed with marks. At some point, images begin to come forth.

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