Like most people who enjoy art, I like the way it makes me feel. Whether I'm making it myself or looking at someone else's, art is a great way to escape from the every day. That said, I don't necessarily need to escape from the everyday -- I am a tennis professional who gets paid to teach and play a sport I love. Nevertheless, my day job is disciplined. Tennis is a game of rules that must be followed and many boundaries are set. To me, art is the exact opposite--it has no limitations. Art is an endless source of creativity. An empty canvas is a place for me to experiment with anything that comes to mind. 
Art has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started painting and drawing at a young age, majored in art history in college, and spent summers in Italy with my family looking at original Italian masterpieces. Growing up in Washington, DC meant I also had unlimited access to amazing (and free!) art museums. I am fortunate to be able to experience and appreciate art, in some form, every day.

In addition, I have a wonderful family who supports me and encourages my artistic side. Not only are they a bunch of wild Italians who like to eat, travel, and enjoy life but they also inspire me to come up with new ideas and experiment with new mediums. In fact, my family encouraged me to submit my work to the Studio Gallery. I currently have limited exhibition experience but I am at the point in my artistic career where I would like to actively participate in exhibits with other artists and become more involved in the local artist community. 
The images for my work come from a variety of inspirations including my time on the tennis court, my family, the amazing places I have traveled, and even items I see and hear every day. Through my art, I focus on transforming these images into simple yet abstract designs that are pleasing to the eye, and to the soul. I hope you enjoy them as well.
Andrew Acquadro's art is currently displayed in Washington DC at Studio Gallery and in New York City at Dominick Esposito Diamond Corp and at the offices of Paul A. Febbraro Jr, CAP.Artist