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Provide educational attainment, periods of study, and degrees/certificates earned for each of the following categories: Undergraduate Education, Graduate Study, and Private Instruction. Describe major, track, or field of expertise.
List any applications for grants or fellowships that are pending, giving the date and status of your application/s, and any action that has been taken on it/them to date.
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List awards, residencies, fellowships, and prizes you have received. Award Dates (month/year), Amounts, Granting institutions
Please give the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of three persons with the expertise to evaluate your work and professional standing. In each case, please provide the person’s professional title and position, and their relationship to you.
Emailed Materials
Art Samples Email 10 digital samples of your original work in jpeg form. Please label each one with your name, title, medium, size (no larger than 60”w x 42’h), and year created. These must be professionally presented. Digital images will be distributed to members of the Christenberry Fellowship Committee. (Note: digital images must represent the original works of art that will be available to the committee for later, in-person viewing at Studio Gallery.) Short Proposal Email your short proposal on a separate sheet. Make sure your name is on it. Describe what a Christenberry Fellowship to Studio Gallery would mean to your life and work as an artist. What do you hope to accomplish within the fellowship year and beyond? Indicate in detail how you propose to develop your talent at Studio Gallery. (Your response should be no longer than 500 words).
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