She Ain’t You, 2018. Acrylic paint on canvas.


Saturday in The park 1/2, 2018. Monotype Print on Bristol board.

Black Vase, 2018. Colored pencil on toned paper.

Poison, 2018. Acrylic paint on canvas.



I create art in abstract expressionism using music and sounds as influences. Music and meditation are two great ways to relieve stress, and these disciplines helped me gain the intense concentration that I rarely achieve. Using this idea as a basis for my process has helped me create an image in my mind which I translate onto paper or canvas. With the addition of music, these two different methods of stress relief aid in the process and in addition relieve my own anxiety. The different layers of sound and rhythm contribute to what the final design will be, and since my reference and influence is from musicians, their album covers and music videos may or may not have an influence on color choice.

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