The Ally Way

Brussels, Belgium

Morning Haze

Havana, Cuba

The Cooks

Charlotte, North Carolina

Temple Bar Corner

Dublin, Ireland



Photography allows me to capture the stories that occur every day. I want the photos that I take to illustrate the story of life.  Some of the stories may be ironic, others may be hard to decipher, and some may require no explanation as they just reflect life.

With each story I strive to capture the emotion, as I want the viewer to be taken to that place and feel like they are watching the story unfold in front of them. I do this by using a few styles, my main style is black and white because it conveys strong emotion and I don’t feel like the lack of color in a black and white photograph can restrict the wide spectrum that the photograph can capture.  Though I favor black and white, the essence of how life thrives anywhere is something that I could only capture in color. Color photography gives me an opportunity to capture the energy and strength of the story. Therefore, I also have color photos that are bright and dynamic and full of contrast. These colors have a part to play in showing the emotion of the story that is being told.

I am not an absolutist, I do not believe in one way to take photos, I allow myself to be guided by the story and how it wants to be told. My collection of work is my collection of stories.  

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