Tomorrow, Sept. 2nd, we open our doors to a new year of wonderful shows and exciting events.  Come down to see our three new shows and welcome Maya - our director.

                                         MAYA FLETCHER

                                         MAYA FLETCHER

Get to know Maya.  The following is a short introduction.  Welcome to the gallery, Maya!

Painting and photography are my passions. I fell in love with art early in my life and this love truly developed during my college years. I overcame those telling me that there is no future in art and have been very happy to try to find my way in the art world.  My journey has taken me to Los Angeles, Miami, and all the way to Rome where I made my home for a time.  I have decided to continue my story and involvement in art back home in DC.  I am very excited to be taking on the job of running Studio Gallery.

I have had the privilege of working with beautiful artists at Project 4 in DC and Art Share in LA, where we created wonderful exhibitions and events.  In May, I graduated from the University of Maryland-College Park with a degree in Fine Arts.  Although I am still fresh to the art scene, I come with various experiences that have furthered my love, passion and desire to be involved in art.  I look forward to bringing this excitement to Studio Gallery and its wonderful artists.