Artist Statement

As a process artist who enjoys mark making and striving for aesthetics, I care about my work’s final form. My process is about the search for aesthetics. This is different from traditional process artists, who are not concerned about how their end product might turn out.

My process involves constant mark making, erasing, and experimenting with the ideas of addition and subtraction. I start by tracing lines of my wire sculptures which are blown up by an overhead projector. As I add more layers of marks, the image continually changes its form. The erasing of marks, which is a subtraction, sometimes becomes an addition of marks in my drawings. Those kind of marks permanently remain and show their existence, either becoming prominent or leaving a light trace. Adding a mark every step shows all the processes my drawing has been through. I do this even though the accumulation of marks becomes messy and challenges me to reach my aesthetic standards at the end.

My aesthetic standard is subjective and I can only define it broadly: to be visually pleasing or to make sense of something visually. Most of the time, it is difficult to get my finished product up to this desired pleasing state because my process and the marks can result in a mess. As I move on from one formation to the next in every step of the journey, I test my tolerance for imperfection and transform the idea of what aesthetic is.

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