Home In The Trees, 2018.

42nd Street, 2017.

Let me play, 2017.

Procession, 2017.

Running Errands, 2019.




Kadeem Morris: the man that lives in the in-between. Born in '95, Morris is on the cusp of being a millennial but still relates to Gen Z; growing up, he spent half his life in Jamaica and the other half in America. Morris navigates the changes that continuously come his way while juggling the multiple cultures that make up his environment.

As a photographer, he captures life as it exists. Morris understands the simplicity of life as well as the rush of the modern day rat race. He seeks to capture all aspects that encompass the totality of the human experience, from the routines that we unconsciously do and the things that we share, to the differences that we possess.

Morris' photos serve as a window into people's lives, allowing one to become the observer of the big picture as well as the small and mundane things that make up the human experience. Morris has the ability to combine the personal and the distant leaving his audience hovering in-between.

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