Nicole Ida Fossi is a multimedia artist with a focus on large-scale oil painting. After growing up in New Orleans and Washington, DC, Nicole earned a BA in Art History & Visual Arts at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. She returned to DC after graduating in 2013, and has been making art here ever since. Though her main focus is oil painting, she is also a trained silversmith and avid illustrator.

“In my work I explore themes of science and nature, particularly biology and pattern, as well as the human figure and all the interesting shapes and forms it produces. Truly, everything from microscopic images of cells to the expansion of the universe has the power to captivate me. Stunning patterns can be found everywhere, which I often incorporate into my paintings in varying levels of abstraction. As a whole, I think of the majority of my paintings as an exploration of the possibilities of 'abstract representation,' as I inhabit the space between abstraction and pure representation and often meld the two. Oil painting provides a rich opportunity to explore a vast variety of lines and textures, and I love exploring and discovering new styles and techniques.”


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