Sally Kauffman explores the common ground where abstraction and figuration coincide in paintings. Using figure and place as a starting point, the work celebrates pleasure through the sensuality of paint and interplay of colors. Almost human-scale figures painted in saturated, flowing color on large format canvas entice the viewer to engage in their own narrative. 

Kauffman paints from personal experience, capturing moments in snapshots and digitally manipulating the the composition and intensity of color. The dense, saturated images become the source for the paintings. Four series, Relaxed States, The Bathers, Intimate Feasts and Catalzyed celebrate community through music, swimming on the beach, sharing meals with friends and most recently, inclusiveness and unity through civil resistance. The scale of the large format paintings activates the physical process of painting, the movement manifests in the image. The act of painting is the ultimate delight: I stroke, swipe and splash oil paint in transparent to opaque layers until a luscious surface emerges. 

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