Artist Statement

Steven Marks is a photographer who works in conceptual and documentarian modes. His current project, The Edge of Vision, maps his personal journal from near blindness to to visual clarity. The pictures, all made in the camera, explore the tension between abstraction and representation, and between figure and gesture. In this respect, the pictures may best be understood as acts of experiential visual performance.  They consider how camera improvisation can produce bold and emotional pictures that challenge received wisdom about the nature of photographic practice. The content is drawn from the street and the home, is both personal and anonymous. The product is our world, inside out. North+Charles, shown in May 2016, featured environmental portraits made around North Ave and Charles St, the geographic and sociopolitical hub of Baltimore.

Marks received an MFA in photography from the University of Illinois – Chicago. His work has been featured in exhibits at galleries and museums in the US and around the world.

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