Artist Statement

Since 1976, I have developed an increasingly varied repertoire as I have explored ways in which to make an artistic statement about the world I encounter as a traveler and observer. I have moved from acrylics to acrylics with collage, monotypes, chine collé and linoleum prints to express the emotional and political complexities I have seen and experienced in the Middle East, Africa, South America and the Far East. In my acrylics, I outline broad planes of color and use collage to suggest texture in composition as well as in my subjects' lives. The boldness of my linoleum prints contrasts with the delicacy of my chine collé prints. The Washington Post has praised my "evocative juxtapositions" as well as my "strong, sure sense of composition." My work has been featured at Gallery K, Touchstone Gallery, The Goldman Gallery and the Washington Women's Art Center in the Washington area, as well as in shows in Philadelphia, Richmond and Wilmington. I, also, was chosen as the first American artist-in-residence at Hilai, the Israeli Center for Creative Arts.

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