Join our Artist Cooperative

Studio Gallery Collage

Studio Gallery accepts applications on a rolling basis from artists seeking representation. To apply, you must be working in either D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. Applicants must have a website for their artwork. Instagram pages will only be accepted if they are exclusively dedicated to your art practice. Artists working in all mediums may apply.

The Membership Levels

Studio Gallery offers four levels of membership, in order to offer artists representation tailored to their exact needs. You must select a membership level before you submit your application. You can read about all of our available membership levels by clicking the buttons below.

The Application Process

Step One: Select the membership level you would like to apply for. Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Step Two: Fill out our online application.

Step Three: The Director will pass your application to our Head of Membership, who will either pass on your application or move it forward to the jurying process.

Step Four: If you are moved forward to jurying, the Director will contact you to arrange a time for you to drop off your jurying materials. Jurying meetings are held once a month. You will be required to drop off five works that you feel represent you as an artist, as well as a printed copy of your artist statement, artist resume, and your $35 jurying fee. The fee may be paid by check or in cash. Checks should be made out to Studio Gallery. You may also drop off a note to be read to the jury on your behalf.

Step Five: The jury will vote on your work. If you are accepted, you will be added immediately into our exhibition rotation and welcomed into our community. If you are not accepted, you may reapply with different work after one year.


Who will jury my artwork?

All current members of our artist cooperative will review and vote on your work.

How soon can I exhibit if I’m accepted?

This depends on what membership level you apply for. Our scheduling coordinator will be in touch with you upon acceptance to work you into the schedule.

Can I apply if I am already represented by a different gallery or museum?

Yes! Studio Gallery does not have exclusivity requirements. Check with your current gallery to make sure they are comfortable with this arrangement.

Can I switch membership levels after I’m accepted?

The Studio Gallery Board evaluates each situation individually, but it is possible to move between levels.

Can I submit artwork that isn’t mine? Does Studio Gallery sell consigned artwork?

No and no.

Is there an age requirement to apply?

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

Does the presentation of my work matter?

Yes, professionally presented work will improve your chances of acceptance. Well-framed work, work with finished or taped edges, and thoughtfully chosen pieces are better received by the jury.

Can I talk to an artist already represented by Studio Gallery to learn more about the experience?

Yes! Contact the Director to request a meeting or phone call with a current Studio Gallery artist.

Am I ready to apply?

Check out our blog post for helpful tips about knowing when it’s time to apply.

I have a question I don’t see answered here.

Contact the Director, who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.