When can I set up?

If an event is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm, we allow for setup during normal operating hours. Usually renters arrive an hour early to do this.  Also, we schedule an hour for cleanup and need the premises clear by 11:00 pm.


Are there any food or alcohol restrictions?

Yes, only white wine and other light-colored beverages are allowed in the gallery. There are no food restrictions.


Do you provide tables and chairs?  Or help setting up?

We can provide you two (2) long tables, two (2) short tables, and ten (10) chairs. However, if more are needed, we ask that you supply your own. Please check our Recommended Vendors list for party rentals.

We have interns who are happy to help for an hourly fee of $25.


Can I play music?

Of course! At moderate levels.  However, all noise must cease by 10:00pm, due to residents living peacefully above and around our gallery.


Can I have a DJ?

Of course!  Your DJ must bring his/her own equipment and speak to the sitting staff member about setting up. The DJ must stop playing at 10:00pm.


What about cleaning up?

All the trash must be removed from the premises by the renter.  We do not have garbage pickup for the gallery.  Garbage bags are taken away by the renter or caterer and then disposed.  The gallery and the outside areas must be left looking the same as before the event started. The gallery charges a $90 non-refundable cleaning fee for all rentals.


Oops! I’ve damaged something!

In the event of any artwork being damaged, the renter must purchase the affected piece(s) or pay for having it repaired to the satisfaction of the artist.


Is there parking availability for the venue?  

There is street parking and paid garage parking available nearby.  There are a number of different parking restrictions in the general area, so please pay attention to signs.  To make parking easier, we have partnered with Parking Panda.  Use this link to find and purchase guaranteed parking at many convenient locations within easy walking distance to Studio Gallery. Inventory is limited and lots occasionally fill up, so it is strongly recommended that you purchase parking passes in advance. 

Can I take down artwork and put up my own? 

No. The gallery does not allow artwork to be removed from the walls during event rentals. You may display your own artwork, but you will have to bring in your own display props. 




Monday - Wednesday

  • $600 for the first four hours

  • $150 each additional hour

  • $90 non-refundable cleaning fee

Thursday & Sunday

  • $800 for the first four hours

  • $200 for each additional hour

  • $90 non-refundable cleaning fee

Friday & Saturday

  • $1,000 for the first four hours,

  • $250 for each additional hour

  • $90 non-refundable cleaning fee

Please note: Checks for the event rental security deposit will be cashed and held by the Gallery. If you paid your security deposit by check, please expect to see the amount withdrawn. At the close of your event, assuming that nothing has been damaged, the Gallery will issue a check to the renter in the full amount.