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Under the Moonlight, Freda Lee-McCann. Inquire.

Freda Lee-McCann

A Point of View

Traditional Chinese landscape paintings are built on brushwork with ink on rice paper. I am inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s work using flat shapes and comic strip Pop art dots. Instead of using brushwork with ink on rice paper, I decided to experiment by applying the Pop art dot pattern to create texture. The series here is a combination of the art making techniques of the East and the West that are used to create a different feeling – that of each world and of both worlds. 

Works from Studio Gallery’s 2019 New Members Exhibition.

Lisa Battle, Mekbib Gebertsadik, & Susan Raines

New Members Exhibition

Studio Gallery’s new members come together for a group exhibition showcasing their work.

Susan Raines : Serendipity /// Serendipity means accidentally finding valuable things that you were not expecting. These photographs are a collection of images that grabbed my attention as I came upon them.  I felt compelled to stop and look and ultimately to preserve them with my camera.

Mekbib Gebertsadik: Light is Life and Life is Light /// “Whenever the landscape flares in my mind, there sprouts in me the longest and widest rift valley of the world, which is found in the land where I was born and raised, East Africa, Ethiopia. The land of mystery and wisdom. The fountain and cradle of humanity. It was here where nature first opened my artistic eyes and touched my imagination with its magical rays of light, and every motion of light, as a source of life and death and spirit…”

Lisa Battle: Echoes /// This exhibition of new work by Lisa Battle will include a series of large scale abstract ceramic sculptures drawing on recurring themes in Lisa’s work: botanical forms, the gestures of dance, and the primal elements. In Echoes, Lisa presents a visual language of graceful curvilinear forms which seem to float weightlessly, defying gravity, despite the heaviness of the clay from which they are made. The sculptural forms defy specific definition, creating an impression of ambiguity that leaves room for viewers to find their own interpretation.

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