Sculpting the human figure is my way to explore the human condition.  The physical body faithfully records and contains our emotional selves, revealing who we are in every contour, posture and gesture.  Most eloquent is the torso, where the body’s deep physical core is shaped by, and shows, our essential nature.

To put such oneness of form and emotion into my clay, I work deeply from my own senses of body and feeling.  These sources are truer than my intellectual mind, and the resulting pieces often surprise me with more honesty and nuance than any expectation I may have had.  What emerges are themes of growth, liberation and social justice.

Over the years, I have developed methods of firing — electric, raku and atmospheric — that give my figures equally expressive ceramic skins.  By the time I have formed a piece and put it through the fire, it has experienced its own life transformation and can express mine.  When other people find a part of themselves in my work, I have reached something of the human condition.

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