Artist Statement

Mountains have been a traditional subject for Chinese landscape paintings since the eleventh century. These mountains have always been my love and painting these bones of the earth has provided with a joy and endless fascination both with the paintings themselves and with the connection with my heritage that they provide. For over twenty years I studied with the Master C. C. Wang of New York City until his death in 2003. Mr. Wang taught me about both Chinese landscape painting and the brushwork upon which it is based and which provides the backbone for my painting. Mr. Wang instilled in me a love for this brushwork and its uniqueness to the Chinese tradition. Since 2003 I have begun to develop my own style by merging some of the Western tradition for colors and the black ink brushwork of traditional Chinese paintings. The use of colors has given me an additional dimension with which I can give a stronger emotional content while still retaining the traditional character of the work. My new direction is an exciting journey and provides a new perspective on these traditional subjects.

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