Five Ways To Show Your Pride This Weekend!

With Pride Month officially in full swing, you best start texting outfit prototypes now, to cover your queer tushie before the parade this Saturday. But the question remains: how can I show my support, queerness or love for rainbow-colored memorabilia without stuffing a few more dollars into Jeff Bezos’ bank account? Luckily, we did some Googling for you.

What is a LGBTQ+, DC-focused charity I can donate to this Pride Month?

Over 40% of youths in the DC Metropolitan area are LGBTQ+. Friendship Place is an organization that seeks to end this statistic, by providing housing services to homeless individuals across the city. Friendship Place puts an emphasis on LGBTQ+ needs, and is continuing to work to address the lack of LGBTQ+ resources available in the city. Friendship Place seeks to partner with landlords, congregations, corporations and volunteers to make its mission possible. You can also give back through donations, and providing essentials such as clothing, toiletries and household items.

I’m looking for one-of-a-kind fashion that supports authentic LGBTQ+ causes.

Consider Housing Works as an option for your next treasure hunting adventure! Housing Works is an advocacy group seeking to provide adequate housing, healthcare and support for LGBTQ+ individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Housing Works supports its mission by both auctioning and selling fine housewares, clothing and accessories. For instance, we’ve got our eye on this Issey Miyaki dress, but these Marc Jacobs sequin trousers could be a hot option for the parade this weekend.

I’m looking for something that spreads a message!

We hear you! Consider Revel & Riot for some adorable graphic tees featuring a homage to Harvey Milk and a mandatory Queers for Fears pun. Revel & Riot is a LGBTQ-run, non-profit organization that aims to start conversations with their clothing, but their mission doesn’t stop there -- they’ve raised $20,000 for the Pulse Victims Fund, and donate their classic shirts to GSA programs across the country.

For those looking to watch gender burn this weekend, Gender is Over! (If You Want It) is another non-profit providing message-based clothing, inspired by Yoko Ono’s War Is Over! (If You Want It) campaign. They offer tees, sweatshirts, pins and the like. One of our favorites from their online shop is the Gender is Over! screen printed patch, which is printed by The Cactus Princess, a non-binary teen in NC. Furthermore, proceeds from the project are donated to LGBTQ+ organizations, and additional donations are accepted on top of orders.

How can I get myself something fresh while giving back as directly as possible?

Trans Is Beautiful Apparel supports Werk Those Pecs Transgender Fund by selling tees and tanks that feature the Trans Is Beautiful slogan. While you’re shopping for yourself, you may as well check out their donate a shirt program, which provides shirts to trans individuals who may be unable to afford one for themselves. If you have someone in mind you’d like to donate a shirt to, you can specify your donation as well!

I just need a few flags to bless my home!

In need of Pride basics? Look no further than Lisa, the founder, describes her inspiration for the online shop by saying, “Well, since my first career was so stressful, I used to muse about owning my own t-shirt shop where my biggest worry was running low on our extra-large, silk-screened, pink dolphin tank tops.” While there’s no pink dolphin tank tops on the site, there is a wide variety of Pride items for your home, and of course, a “I can’t even think straight,” tank.

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From staff contributor Tori Swiacki.