Premier Associate

Exhibiting Opportunities

  • New Member Group Show

  • Garden Gallery shows when space is available

  • Small Group Show - annually

  • All Members Show – two annually


  • Gallery Representation

  • Continuous listing, with artwork images, on Gallery website

  • Targeted announcements of shows to local media

  • Featured Artist Blog

  • Email and social media announcements and updates of shows

  • Free use of gallery for private events when space is available

  • 10% Member discount on artwork purchases

  • Ongoing support from the Director, show curators and other Gallery members
  • Vote on matters before the membership including jurying of potential new members
  • Net 60% to the artist on artwork sales
  • Participation in Galleries of Dupont Circle

Premier Associate Member Work at Gallery

  • Up to 3 framed 2-D works in storage in storage area
  • Up to 6 unframed works on display in bins
  • Personal Portfolio of works on paper
  • Up to 4 works featured on SG’s On-line store


  • Pay one-time new member assessment dues of $127.00

  • Pay quarterly Membership Dues of $1,538.00 per year ($384.50 quarterly)

  • Gallery sitting approximately one-two times per quarter

  • Attend monthly meetings

  • Serve on at least one gallery management committee

  • Assist with logistics of one All Members event annually

  • Support other Members by attending their events when possible

  • Where possible, assist in promoting gallery shows and activities to the public

Hose Sculpture Art Installation by Kiki McGrath