Online Store FAQs


Are these original works of art?

Yes! Each piece in the online store is an original work of art. We offer paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs by many Studio Gallery artists. None of the artworks are mass-produced. These pieces are unframed 2D works on paper. Each piece comes with a letter of authentication signed by the Gallery Director, certifying that your purchase is unique.


Are all works unframed?

The beauty of the online store is that by offering works that are unframed, they are more affordable and allow you to select a frame that suits your own personal style.


I’d like to buy and send a piece as a gift. Can you include a note and keep the receipt out of the shipment?
Happily! Leave us a note during checkout with special requests and we’ll be in touch to confirm. Gift-wrapping is complimentary.


I’d like to buy a piece on canvas, a framed piece, or a big piece by an artist whose work I liked. How can I make it happen?

Visit our contact page to get in touch with the Director! We have a full inventory of each artist on hand and will be happy to find you the perfect piece. Some of our artists also produce commissioned artworks; just let us know what we can do for you and we’ll make it happen.


Can I see a more detailed view of a piece I’m interested in?
You absolutely can. Send us an email through the contact page and we will email you back with detailed views.


Can I return a piece?

No. All sales are final, artworks cannot be returned. Please visit our contact page to report any issues with your shipment.