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March, 2016

March, 2016



Adam and Eve: The Ultimate Screw Up  

They had everything but wanted more.  They lost everything for the promised apple.




First Friday:                                                          March 4,  6 - 8 pm

Artists Reception:                                                 March 12, 4 - 6 pm              

Artists' Reception for Elizabeth Curren and Jo Levine:                                                                          March 19,  4 - 6 pm   Artists Talks

Closing Reception for Amy Davis:                          March 26, 4 - 6 pm



Jo Levine


Jo Levine seeks to reawaken our childhood sense of wonder – and even playfulness – with photographs exploring shadows’ varied shapes and moods.  Many of her photos are also “shadow plays,” evoking dramas that unfold in the viewer’s mind.


Elizabeth Curren

Pages and Prints                          

Elizabeth Curren’s artist’s books and collagraphs reflect her interest in natural and invented landscapes. Each work represents a journey, real or imagined, that engendered questions and wonderings about time and place.




           Madeleine Finley

           Madeleine Finley

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