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March 2017

Return to Stillness . 36” x 36”

Return to Stillness. 36” x 36”


Explorations and Meanderings

In this series, the artist explores the complexity of tai chi footwork focusing on movements and stances which both begin and end the exercise form.  Formal analysis gives way to winding meanderings in the lines that connect the movements of physical and creative energy.

Pillars . Photograph. 20" x 16". 2016-17

Pillars. Photograph. 20" x 16". 2016-17



The “Details” in Jo Levine’s photographs are components of art objects and buildings, mostly in the Washington area.  She finds that focusing on a subject’s parts can transform an otherwise mundane, “straight” photo into something new and different – perhaps demonstrating, as architects like to say, that “God is in the details.”  Levine hopes that her photos will inspire viewers to look more closely at the shapes and patterns in the world around them.


Permeable Intersections . Hex netting wire, paint, bamboo reeds. Size variable. 2017

Permeable Intersections. Hex netting wire, paint, bamboo reeds. Size variable. 2017


Permeable intersections is from a body of work that focuses on balance and intersections with light and shadow.





The image of the winged woman holding a white egg was taken in 1997. As a first-year graduate student at American University studying film and photography, I overdeveloped the film to achieve the very grainy, yet celestial look I wanted.

Two hours into 2017, I received a message from Indonesia: a friend had passed away. We'd know each other since we were six years old -- she was the winged woman I had photographed 20 years ago. 

We grew up together in Jakarta and, later, in D.C. We flew together all over the world, shared time together, and then we grew apart. I am haunted by unspoken words and the blank persistent silence between us. You are gone…I’ve lost you…But your wings remain...

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