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June 2017

We The People by Trish Palasik

We The People by Trish Palasik


LOOKING FORWARD: States of the Union

These works show some of the states of our union at this moment in time. Observing where we are now can be important to shaping where we will be in the future.

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Kauffman explores the common ground where abstraction and figuration coincide in paintings of civil resistance. The work celebrates the physical and mental strength that empowers people to make their voices heard. Using figure and place as a starting point, Kauffman captures moments in snapshots and digitally manipulates the composition and intensity of color. The dense saturated images become the source for the paintings.


Adira by Trix Kuijper

Adira by Trix Kuijper


Familiar Faces 2

Each of the pieces in this collection seems to have a back story - but every viewer comes up with a different one.  Some of these three dimensional figures are a little bizarre, some are a bit spooky, but mostly they are pure fun.  See them and make up your own story.

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