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July 2018

Eastern Shore.  Gouache on paper. 25” x 32”

Eastern Shore. Gouache on paper. 25” x 32”

Sally Levie

My recent work focuses mostly on forests and trees. Regardless of where I am, my eye goes to the beauty of forests, and the negative space between trees, leaves, branches and individual trees. Through drawings and painting I simplify and abstract trees and forests from different areas of the world.
In Italy I saw an olive tree thought to be nearly 2000 years old. In South Africa I saw one tree enveloped by another species with the result that they created a new and beautiful symbiotic form.
I have also drawings of the human form as a reminder of the effect and responsibility we have to our environment.
It is my pleasure to collaborate this show with The Amazon Conservation Association. Their mission is to protect the world’s most diverse landscapes, to train the next generation of Amazonian conservationists, and partner with communities to support  communities that sustain biodiversity. They work to protect the rainforest.


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Artist's Reception: Saturday, June 23, 4 - 6 pm

First Friday Reception: Friday, July 6, 6 - 8 pm

Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Photograph. 10.5" x 16". 2017

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Photograph. 10.5" x 16". 2017

Gary Anthes

Pictures at an Exhibition: Points of View

Anthes offers views of people looking at art in museums across the country, including Washington, Richmond, New York, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, and San Francisco. Says Anthes, “In the arts world it's the artists (naturally) who get all the attention, but the people who support art by engaging with it are equally important – and sometimes more interesting.”

The warm embrace of sadness.  Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 30". 2016.

The warm embrace of sadness. Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 30". 2016.

Thierry Guillemin

In relation

While my abstract work is always energy in movement, there is a more fluid sense of space, a certain permeability that develops over time. Less of a “male” affirmation maybe, more of a realization that the limits of the form are porous, subject to many influences. And a desire to give a painting the freedom to continue its development beyond the studio, in the eyes of those who come in relation to it. 

Bright Future 

Featuring eight local artists, Bright Future encapsulates an extensive variation of new, bold, and color-centric work. Drawing, painting, glitter, wool, wood, and more come together in Studio Gallery’s Garden Gallery; showcasing vibrant work and the depth of burgeoning local talent. 

Featuring work by Jordan Hamlett Sanders, Jordan Wine, Darius Frank, Megan Maher, Emily Hoxworth, Sarah Jane Jamison, Asha Elana Casey, and Seth Remsnyder. Curated by Nicole Ida Fossi.

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June 2018
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August 2018