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July Exhibitions

Paris, November 2018 No. 1, Archival pigment print. 12.75” x 18.5”.  Inquire .

Paris, November 2018 No. 1, Archival pigment print. 12.75” x 18.5”. Inquire.

Gary Anthes

Snap Shot

Photography for me is a hunt for mystery, enigma, the untold story. Indeed, every photograph is a temporal mystery, a snapshot. For a fraction of a second we see the real world in sharp focus, but as time retreats and advances from the moment the image is captured, the mystery deepens– Gary Anthes

Exhibition curated by William Carroll. Can’t make it to the show in person? View the digital exhibition catalogue.

Artist's reception: June 29, 4pm to 6pm

First Friday reception: July 5, 6pm to 8pm


Pawn Shop, 14th Street, NW, Photographs, collage, mixed media. 30” diameter.  Inquire .

Pawn Shop, 14th Street, NW, Photographs, collage, mixed media. 30” diameter. Inquire.

Oxidized Soul, Veronica Szalus. Inquire

Pam Frederick & Veronica Szalus

Urban | Oxide

The urban environment is fluid, continually shifting, adjusting, decaying and renewing. We may notice it daily, either incrementally or in its entirety. This phenomenon is highlighted in Urban | Oxide, a collaboration of two artists, Pam Frederick and Veronica Szalus. Frederick's photographic collages capture and then re-mix street views of Paris, London, New York and Washington, DC. Szalus's work explores active rust and creates free-standing dimensional elements that consist of current building materials such as concrete and rebar. 

Throughout the exhibit, the artists invite the viewer to consider the interconnectedness among development, reconstruction, and decay, as well as the distance between memory and documentation.

Artist’s Reception: Saturday June 29, 4:00 pm-6:00 pm | First Friday: July 5 6:00 pm-8:00 pm


Nature Entwined, Eleanor Kotlarik Wang. Inquire.

Eleanor Kotlarik Wang


Nature is often connected to experiences of awe, inspiration and sometimes terror. These paintings are my personal creative responses to beauty observed in walks in various locations. While making these works, there was also an awareness of my destructive actions as an artist. As in nature, the forces of creation and destruction live side by side. I saw these paintings come and go through stages of calm and fury, stopping when I believed to have reached an aesthetic balance of these two forces.

J.S. Herbert

Simple Shapes

Simple Shapes is a body of work that is based on the ideas of simplicity and minimalism. I wanted to work around this idea to emphasize on the importance of simple things. With our busy lives, we often neglect or forget about the simple things, not realizing what place and value they hold in the grand scheme of things. For example, a circle is a simple shape, but when used for a design as a motif, it can become part of a beautiful work of art. I want these pieces to remind us that sometimes, it is not the elaborate and extravagant things, but the simple things and the simple pleasures that are the ticket.

To reach this goal, I used simple forms for the vessels in this collection and used simple shapes for surface designs either with hand carvings or brush strokes to compliment the forms. I kept my color palette white with clay body breaking through the carvings and the brushstrokes to keep the focus on the forms and the motifs.

Large Oval Vase, J.S. Herbert. Inquire.

Later Event: July 24
Summer Group Exhibition