Gary Anthes: Seeing in Sixes

Studio Gallery is delighted to announce that photographer Gary Anthes will be featured in Seeing in Sixes, LensWork Publishing's upcoming book. The book is an anthology of 50 small portfolios selected from 1,100 submissions by photographers around the world.

Seeing in Sixes is the recent artistic creation of LensWork's editor Brooks Jensen. His idea was to encourage photographers, both amateur and professional, to undertake projects that create six technically and artistically excellent images, which might then be presented in a book in three, two-page spreads. Jensen thinks of these sets as visual haiku – simple but elegant three-line poems. He insists that the six be closely related and aesthetically consistent, without being redundant.

The hospital and factory are now silent and abandoned and revealed by pale light streaming through broken windows and missing doors... it is photographs by Gary Anthes from New York’s Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital that are likely to have the most lasting impression.
— Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

Anthes' submission, “Portals and Passages: Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital,” is the result of two days spent photographing in the huge, abandoned medical facility in New York Harbor. It has been closed for 70 years, and today it is rarely visited. The silent light that streams in through dirty windows and broken doors can only hint at the lives of the 1.2 million immigrants who flowed through the hospital early in the 20th century. Anthes created a portfolio of 40 photographs, six of which were selected for LensWork, as a kind of artistic salute to the dedicated doctors and nurses at the hospital, and to the 3,500 immigrants whose dreams of America died with them there.

LensWork is a bi-monthly print publication about fine-art photography, free of all advertising and technical material. It's fair to view LensWork as a continuation and extension (into color, for example) of the superb publishing begun many years ago by Alfred Stieglitz in the journal Camera Work and Minor White in Aperture magazine. Forbes Magazine said of LensWork, “It is printed to standards that would make many art books blush with envy.”

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