Featured Artist: Carol Rubin

Meet December’s Artist of the Month, Carol Rubin

As a landscape artist, Carol Rubin’s work explores the effects of light, color, and atmosphere. Reality is simplified, but also expanded, giving the viewer a distinct impression of subject without imposing linear elements. Her colorful abstractions express powerful movement, sometimes chaotic, sometimes serene .

Red Vortex | 22” x 28” | Oil on Canvas. Inquire.

Shower of Gold | 54” x 38” | Oil on Canvas. Inquire.

What first got you interested in the arts?

I was always interested in art and creating. As a young person I loved creating floorplans for houses I’d like to live in, and designing and sewing clothes.  I wanted to be a clothing designer or some kind of designer. In college I fell in love with studio art, life drawing and art history classes.  

White Thicket | 40” x 30” | Oil on Canvas. Inquire.

Describe your artwork in three words.

Energetic, gestural, colorful.

Did you ever have an incredible breakthrough moment in your artistic practice?

An early but important breakthrough was seeing the world in value shapes rather than physical shapes.  This is something I push my students to see as soon as they can.

Another breakthrough was realizing I could draw the figure in a variety of positions without having to rely on a model.  I have been working on multiple figure paintings and this is a tremendous help.

Where is your favorite place to work?

My studio in my attic.  But I also love working with my friends in a small studio space at the Washington Studio School.

Port de Soller Majorca | 24” x 30” | Oil on Canvas. Inquire.

What do you do when you're experiencing artist’s block?

See beautiful art and design in galleries, movies, in the city, country, wherever I can find it.

What would you say to someone approaching your artwork for the first time?

How does it make you feel?

What would be your advice to someone who doesn't know much about art, but is interested?

I would say look at as much art as you can.  Be guided by what makes your heart leap. Indulge in a drawing class and an art history class.  You will be hooked.

Who has been the biggest influence in your artistic career?

Artist Joan Mitchell, and teacher/friend/artist Jo Weiss.

Joan Mitchell was fearless and her abstract paintings pulse with vitality, beautiful line and color.

Jo Weiss is an intellectual who generously gives all she has to expanding the world to many artists.  She has taught me so much about what makes a painting great.

Best moment in your artistic career?

Many good moments when people tell me that my paintings make them feel the same way my paintings make me feel.

What's next for you?

I am experimenting with multiple figure work that is inspired by the entanglement of growing up in a family of 4 sisters.  I also hope to be able to participate in a residency in Ireland and immerse myself in more landscape inspired painting.