Which Christmas movie should you watch based on your favorite artist?

Christmas movies are one of the best parts of the holiday season. When you can cozy up under a warm blanket with some hot chocolate to watch a Christmas movie, you cannot help but feel festive! Now, if only you could settle on a movie to watch. If you can’t, we are here to help pick a movie based on your favorite piece of art by some of the artists we represent!

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It’s a Wonderful Life

Nicole Ida Fossi’s work pays spectacular attention to the human condition. When you look at her work you feel a greater appreciation for how beautiful and complex life is. Just like in It’s a Wonderful Life, you realize that people are what make life so special.

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Home Alone

Miriam Keeler’s works come alive with the bright colors used. The playful aspect of these paintings is similar to Kevin’s playful personality as well as his creative approach to keeping burglars out of his house. This use of colors is upbeat, even though the subject is not necessarily positive. However, the underlying subject of both Miriam’s work and the movie are important themes to pay attention to.

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

If you look no further than Gordon Binder’s works of the cityscapes, then Home Alone 2 is the movie for you. Some of Gordon’s pieces perfectly captures the city expanses, while others make the city feel much more intimate. Both of these themes occur in the movie. So, if you are longing to explore New York, both Gordon and Kevin are ready for you.

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The Shop Around the Corner

If you love Deborah Addison Coburn’s work, you would love, The Shop Around the Corner. With Deborah’s work she takes pieces of different individual works and puts them together to create a diverse pattern within her work. In her most recent show, Deborah specifically used this technique in application to presenting families from all different cultures and ethnicities which connects to the narrative of this 1940s film.

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The Polar Express

Who could ever dislike the cute face of Dewie, the hamster that Lisa Allen has carefully photographed. Although Dewie isn’t Lisa’s only subject of her photographs, if you have fallen in love with Dewie, maybe you should watch The Polar Express. If you find yourself returning to a state of child-like wonder this season, don’t turn away from your favorite childhood Christmas movie. Maybe you will discover some new things that you did not see before!

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“Hi, Buddy the Elf! What’s your favorite color?” When you look at Yuno Baswir’s pieces you see all of your favorite colors. Yuno explores the deeper meanings and themes of life in his pieces, and finds a way to express them through lines and colors. Buddy the Elf has a similar appreciation for color! Although they may not agree on the meanings of colors, Buddy would definitely love the colors that Yuno explores.

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From staff contributor Rebecca McInerney.