In the Washington City Paper: NARRATIVE

Gary Anthes Navajo Series

“It’s not every day that an exhibition showcasing 14 diverse artists offers consistently impressive work, but Studio Gallery’s group show Narrative: Contemporary Photography and the Art of Storytelling manages to pull it off. Among the highlights: Leena Jayaswal’s large, black-and-white image of two hooded figures walking on a jetty under an apocalyptic sky; Steven Marks’ pleasingly fractured, richly colored portrayals of human figures standing in anonymous spaces; Jo Levine’s clever image of a campfire photographed through the fire’s heat waves; and Chris Prosser’s inky, nighttime images—years of passing time separating them—of D.C. street corners. Of special note are two photographers who documented the American Southwest. Gary Anthes photographed (with detailed explanatory captions) several Navajo Nation locales and Kim Llerena documents lonely locales in Arizona and Texas, Stephen Shore-style, while attaching faux bronze historical plaques cribbed from a newer muse, Wikipedia.”

-Louis Jacobson, The Washington City Paper, November 2018