What artwork should you buy based on your Zodiac sign?


March 21-April 19

Aries are known for their trailblazing attitude, and for their willingness to stand up to fight for what’s right. Their competitive and passionate nature makes them wonderful pioneers and activists. Need to motivate an Aries? Turn whatever task is on hand into a contest and they will complete it before you can even say “Go!”. These trailblazing and powerful works are perfect for any Aries!

      Untitled by Perviz Heyat;     Urban Patterns- Hong Kong by Joy Every   Tysons Corner 2009 by Carolee Jakes;


April 20-May 20

The Taurus is represented by a bull, portraying their protective and dedicated nature. Their patience allows them to provide security to their loved ones. A Taurus will pull an all-nighter to get a job done, but will always be in touch with their physical self by going on a run, getting a massage, or spending time with their friends or significant other to balance their ambitions. Sound like you? These powerful and bold works may be just what you need!

Untitled (1) by Pam Frederick;     Phoenicopters By Langley Spurlock;  Of Waterfalls and Moonlight by Carolee Jakes


May 21-June 20

Geminis are versatile and clever individuals, ready to speak up against abuse of power. This duality of personality allows them to see the pros and cons of every situation, but they always side with what speaks to their heart. A Gemini never feels stuck in the past, and is always looking forward. The dual nature of these pieces are screaming Gemini!

Celestial Afternoon by Langley Spurlock;             EM @ LU 3/7 by Carolee Jakes;      Escape by Lisa Allen;


June 21-July 22

Cancers are emotional, caring, and always there for friends or family in need. They are very in tune with their feelings, making them emotionally intelligent and intuitive individuals. Want to impress a Cancer? Avoid the small talk and get right to the point! These sensual and tender pieces would be perfect for any Cancer!

Winter Dance by Laura LItten;         The Highly Expressive Trota by Yvette Kraft    Cameilla by Micheline Klagsbrun;


July 23-August 22

Leos are regal leaders represented by the lion. They are often playful and incredibly loyal. Leos thrive on social interactions and love meeting new people. Their honesty makes putting on a fake front or hiding emotions all but impossible; they would much rather be an open book. They are often represented by gold and red roses, making these pieces suitable for any Leo.

Lady Gala’s Hairdo by Yvette Kraft;      Yellow and Red Tulips by Frede Lee-McCann;       Medieval Feet by Laura Litten


August 23-September 23

Virgos are organized individuals, and are always planning for the future. They are graceful, and at times, quite traditional. Very studious and dedicated, they use logical reasoning and analysis to solve any problem they face. If you’re a Virgo, these simple and pure pieces may be perfect for you!

Lock 11, Cabin John, Md. by Gary Anthes;   Woods 2 by Sally Levie;   First Light/Morning by Harriet Lesser


September 23-October 22

Represented by the scales of justice, Libras have an earthly energy and a sincere attitude. They radiate balance, peace, and harmony. As diplomatic and artistic individuals, they are always able to settle disputes and find compromise. These peaceful and balanced artworks will add relaxed vibes to any space!

Skopelos Storm by Elizabeth Curren;     From the Shore by Harriet Lesser;      Caged by Nancy Frankel


October 23-November 21

Scorpios are intense and focused- this combination creates brave and trendsetting individuals. Their loyal nature provides comfort to those closest to them, knowing they will always be there in a time of need. You may find these passionate individuals in an antique store, taking something old and reinventing it into their own. What Scorpio wouldn’t want one of these pieces to spice up their wall space?

Paper Parasols - Burma by Andrea Rowe Kraus;    Flashback by Lisa Allen;     Figure Study by Nicole Fossi  


November 22-December 21

A Sagittarius is represented by the centaur or archer, symbolizing adventure, risk, and wisdom. These individuals love to explore and travel. This trustworthy sign is known for being truthful, honest and direct. Ask for their opinion and they well tell you the truth. But you can always trust them with your secrets! These exploritive and celestial artworks are perfect for any Sagittarius!

View from the Office, Negril, Jamaica by Lisa Allen;    Grand Central by Lisa Allen;    Empire by Gordon Binder  


December 22-January 19

Capricorns thrive best with rules and structure, and are great planners.  If they set a goal, there is no doubt that they will reach it. Looking for someone who will cook a homemade meal every night? Get yourself one of these guys. These organized and focused works are perfect for any Capricorn.

Montana Sunset by Joyce McCarten;    The Softest Hand by Laura Litten;     Breakfast of Champions by Lisa Allen; 



January 20-February 18

Aquarius’s tend to be shy and quiet at first, but are eccentric and energetic once they feel comfortable. These are original, friendly individuals, who speak up for what they believe and fight for justice. An Aquarius tends to need time alone to rejuvenate and reenergize themselves before diving into social situations or whatever creative project they may be working on. Just like an Aquarius, these pieces may seem quiet, but their voice is strong!

The Very Genteel Madame Bex by Yvette Kraft;     Confluence, Seneca Creek and Potomac River by Gary Anthes;    Skopelos Beach by Elizabeth Curren


February 19-March 20

Pisces are the hopeless romantics, the dreamers, and the helpers. Their kind hearts and strong compassion for others makes them warm and comforting to be around. Charitable and thoughtful, they often allow emotions to dictate life decisions. These soft, calm, and heartfelt pieces are perfect for any Pisces!

White Peonies by Freda Lee-McCann;       Hearts by Joyce McCarten;         Fantasy by Suzanne Goldberg

From Staff Contributor Maya Holland

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