In the Washington Post: Sally Levie and Gary Anthes

"D.C. artist Sally Levie takes her cues from forests. Her “O2 — Intersections of Nature” features both precise paintings and unruly drawings, but nearly all begin with the shapes of trunks, branches and leaves. Even the few humans portrayed in this Studio Gallery show nestle and overlap in a profusion that suggests vegetation.

The most arresting of the pictures, rendered with charcoal, are hardly pastoral. Levie depicts such phenomena as an “exploding tree” — according to one title — with vigor, a free hand and dynamic contrasts of light and dark. Rather than depict trees as quietly fixed in place, the drawings seem to express the vitality pulsing within them.

Also at Studio, Gary Anthes’s “Pictures at an Exhibition: Points of View” looks at people who are (mostly) looking at art. Made at major museums in Washington and elsewhere, the impeccably composed color photographs show frames within frames, and employ both architecture and large artworks as environments for human subjects. Most seem engaged, although a few appear indifferent. Somewhere in between, perhaps, are the spectators contemplating art through the lenses of their cellphone cameras."

-Mark Jenkins, the Washington Post, July 2018

View Works from Sally Levie's O2

View Works from Gary Anthes' Pictures at an Exhibition