Nancy at Ninety: A Retrospective of Form and Color

Red Tower , Nancy Frankel, 2018. Wood. Courtney of the artist.

Red Tower, Nancy Frankel, 2018. Wood. Courtney of the artist.

Studio Gallery sculptor Nancy Frankel is pleased to announce a retrospective exhibition of her work at the American University Museum, Kaizen Arts Center. This retrospective of seven decades of work by the Washington, D.C.-based sculptor celebrates the artist on her ninetieth birthday. Working in various media since the 1950s - including wood, Plexiglas, plaster, design cast, and steel - Frankel has explored a fundamentally geometric vocabulary, often with a sense of playfulness. In addition to her freestanding works in three dimensions, a few of her many graphite drawings and tempera paintings will be represented, as well as one of her large wall reliefs. The exhibition is sponsored by the William Meredith Foundation.

Exhibition Dates: January 26-March 17, 2019

Opening Reception: January 26, 6-9 pm. Free and open to the public. Learn more.

Gallery Talk: March 2, 3-4 pm. Curator Claudia Rousseau will interview Nancy Frankel about her extensive career as a sculptor and how music and organic geometry have influenced her practice. With Sam Noto and Jacqui Crocetta. Free and open to the public.

William Meredith Foundation Poetry Award Reception: February 6, 6 pm. Join the William Meredith Foundation in celebrating its 2019 awardees in conjunction with Nancy at Ninety: A Retrospective of Form and Color. Bulgarian Ambassador Tihomir Stoychev will present two award-winning publications by the Meredith Foundation with readings by the awardees. Tom Kirin will receive the 2019 Meredith Award for Poetry, and the Valentin Krustev Award for Translation to renowned DC potty and translator, Barbara Goldberg, for her translations of Israeli poetry. Free and open to all, please RSVP at