A Farewell & A Welcome

Studio Gallery is sad to say farewell to its director of three years, Svetlana Shaindlin, but we are also excited to welcome Kelly Bresnowitz to the team! To say “see you later” and “welcome” to two very talented women in the art world, we’ve put together a short, two part get-to-know-me post! Continue reading to learn about previous director Svetlana, affectionately known to the Studio Gallery community as Lana, and our new director Kelly, who is also no stranger to the gallery! Studio Gallery has been run by strong, motivated women since it was founded in 1965 by Jennie Lea Knight, and as our feminist legacy continues, we are eager to welcome each new leader with open arms and hearts. Without further ado, let’s learn more about these two fantastic directors! 

The Founding Mothers of Studio Gallery.

Studio Gallery today.

Svetlana Shaindlin & Her Background In The Arts

Svetlana Shaindlin studied Digital Media and Art History at the University of Rochester, where she graduated cum laude in 2016. Her interests lie “in the arts and art history, particularly in the areas of management and administration, curation, and marketing.” She has also been an in-house curator at The Yard in Washington DC since 2016. Her love of art and humanitarian efforts have long been reflected in the work that she has accomplished over the years, and her energetic, let’s-do-this attitude continues to inspire everyone she meets! We wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors to improve and brighten the world!

Thanks From Studio Gallery

“Energetic, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and creative, Lana Shaindlin has set the bar for gallery directors.  Lana’s many accomplishments at the gallery include leading teams to create an enhanced gallery presence on Instagram, creating an online store, and creating a gallery blog.  Thinking out of the box Lana came up with pocket-size “artlings” for sale to benefit the gallery; she obtained grant funding for a new gallery sign, reached out to restaurants and caterers to provide food at gallery events, and increased visibility by placing members’ work at other venues. Lana is a true leader and her commitment to the arts extends to making sure all interns have an exceptional experience while working at Studio Gallery, including enhancing interns’ educational experience by assigning books about art for discussion.  On top of all that, she’s a warm, effervescent person who is a delight to be around.

 The Board of Directors, gallery members, and interns thank Lana for all she’s done for the Studio Gallery and wish her all the best in her next endeavors, grad school and beyond.” -Pam Frederick, Veronica Szalus, Gordon Binder, Jo Levine, and Chris Corson.


“Wishing you all the best in your next endeavors, grad school and beyond. Thank you for all you've done for Studio Gallery...your energetic and productive leadership, mentoring interns, keeping our shows moving and promoted -- for these and so much more.  Cheers, Gordon Binder”

New Director Kelly Bresnowitz & Her Background In The Arts

Kelly Bresnowitz has been active in the field of arts for many years. She just graduated from Georgetown University’s Art and Museum Studies Master’s Program, furthering her knowledge and experience in the arts (congratulations, Kelly!). Her experience ranges from being a volunteer visitor information specialist at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, to working in curation and exhibitions at the Arlington arts center, to working at the one and only Studio Gallery this past year under Lana’s directorship (and much more!). She has co-curated several exhibitions with Ms. Shaindlin, including a three-artist exhibition, Line and Shadow, and the summer 2017 all-members group exhibition, Rituals. Aside from her strong professional skills, Kelly’s passion for the arts, natural knack for leadership, and kind heart all set her up for success as Studio Gallery’s new director! We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome her to the team, and look forward to having her around the gallery!

A Statement From Kelly

“Under the direction of Lana, Studio Gallery has re-invented itself as a gallery of the 21st century, while remaining true to the artist-focused mission set forth by Jenny Lea Knight. My time spent interning under Lana was some of the most educational and rewarding times of my entire career, and I cherish the memories. I look forward to training under Lana in the following weeks, and continuing to lead Studio Gallery into the future.”

Ex-director “Lana” Shaindlin (left) and new director Kelly Bresnowitz (right) posing in front of “Exhale Hate” by Studio Gallery artist Shawn Painta Lindsay.


From staff contributor Halley Stubis.

Special thanks to the Studio Gallery Board of Directors, Kelly Bresnowitz, and Svetlana Shaindlin.