Ice Cream & Art: A Dream Combination

With the summer halfway over, some of us may looking for new ways to stay cool. Because Studio Gallery is a proud local DC business, we thought it would be fun to feature flavors from our neighbor Ice Cream Jubilee! Our taste in food and art are just around the corner from each other, so here are some flavors you might want to try - based on your favorite Yvette Kraft character! Since Yvette's portraits are so evocative and relatable, we hope you can find a fun character that speaks to you! You can get these artworks by inquiring through our contact page and get these ice creams at Ice Cream Jubilee.

The Highly Expressive Trota / Thai Iced Tea

Untitled design.jpg

If you resonate with Trota’s fierce side the rich Thai Iced tea flavor may be just your fix. Just like Trota’s sass with subtle gentleness this spicy, yet refreshing flavor is perfect on a hot day.

Lady Gala / Gin and Tonic

Untitled design-2.jpg

If the elegant Lady Gala’s demeanor appeals to you, perhaps an afternoon scoop of Gin and Tonic is your best bet. Notice how the curling limes even match her flowing hair! This zesty flavor is an excellent to way to kick back in a sophisticated style.

The Very Alluring Lady Bozmus / Blueberry Pie


Untitled design-3.jpg

This match goes beyond aesthetic likeness. Just like the rich, active texture of Lady Bozmus, the blueberry pie flavor  is mixed with flaky butter pie crust for a crunchy flavor sensation.

The Very Expressive Bojo / Marion Berry

Untitled design-4.jpg

Are you a wholesome person like Bojo looking for comfort flavors? Perhaps the Marion berry will suit you. Just as Bojo is imbued in purple colors, rich blackberry jam melts in your mouth along with vanilla ice cream and graham crackers.

The Most Interesting Saba / Bold Vanilla

Untitled design-5.jpg

Just as Saba doesn’t need color to show us his expressive assets, the classic bold vanilla flavor doesn’t need anything extra for its creamy taste.

Part of the Gorilla Team / Nats Red Velvet Cake

Untitled design-6.jpg

Are you a team player? Maybe even a passionate Nationals fan? If you ever look as excited as this Gorilla Team Member during summer festivities you should indulge in this swirled creation of red velvet and cream cheese ice cream.

If your mouth is watering you can visit  Ice Cream Jubiliee's website here to find your nearest location. 

Yvette's pieces are always full of expression and effervescence, and we encourage you to see them for yourself. If her work is not currently on display, don't hesitate to look her up on our browse online page or inquire about any of her work to! 


From Staff Contributor Grace Fraser.