Reflections on Between Two Worlds

By Joanne Kwon

Thierry Guillemin, after over a decade of creating purely abstract works, branches out into figurative elements and realism in his summer 2017 solo show, “Between Two Worlds.” New to the world of realism, he is standing between the worlds of conceptual and figurative art, exploring “the inner and the outer, the visible and the invisible.” His signature vivid colors and abstract movement remain, only this time with dimensional nature elements painted into the mix.

One piece in particular, titled Lake, is a perfect example of his transition between the two styles; it expresses both the conceptual and the physical world around us. The 54” by 54” acrylic painting conveys a movement from abstract shapes at the left side to a forest lake landscape to the right, an overlap of Guillemin’s two worlds. The drastic difference between the two techniques is also emphasized by the contrast of the maroon and green colors of the painting. Not only does this piece communicate Guillemin’s development of style, it also brings light to the beauty of our concrete environment that we as human beings so easily forget.

Guillemin’s “Between Two Worlds” is a show of experiment and pushing past boundaries, reminding the audience to remain ever changing- to stay the same is to stay stagnant. We learn from our mistakes and failures in new experiences, and as a result grow stronger, smarter, and independent from the norm.


This is new for me, a little like standing between two worlds, the inner and the outer, the visible and the invisible – our human condition. It is an intriguing and wonderful opportunity to explore other facets of the language of painting”.
— Thierry Guillemin